1885 Choctaw & Chickasaw Freedmen Admitted To Citizenship

1st District
The persons whose names appear below are those Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen adopted in 1885, by the Choctaw Nation. These names are recorded from the 1885 census taken the year of the formal adoption of the Africans into the nation. They are recorded in the order in which they appear on the record. Genealogists are encouraged, however, to refer to the official records for additional notations about the freedmen listed below, including, their personal property, acres of land cultivated and more. The names are placed here as a reference, and should direct researchers to the original records that can be found at the National Archives Microfilm publication 7RA-63 (Note--Those lines with 2 names contain the names of the Choctaw Slave Owner as listed on the 1885 Census. If the nationality of the enrollee was Chickasaw, it is noted next to their name as listed on the 1885 Census.)

Name of citizen / Slave Owner
Watson Brown / Rhoda Brown
John Brown
Aaron Brown
George Brown
Agnes Brown
Caroline Washington / Mrs. Betts
Benjamin Washintgon
Jerry McKinney / Barnett Davenport
Lovena Hogan / Mrs. Betts
Ezella Hogan
Thaddeus Hughbanks
Andrew Hughbanks/ Aaron Harlan
Aaron Hughbanks
Eddie Hughbanks
Nancy Mayers / Alfred Daniels *
Thomas Blackwater / Doran Watkins
Ann Blackwater / Kennedy McCurtain
Cornelius Blackwater
Becca Blackwater
Albert Cheadle / James Cheadle
Adaline Cheadle / Jack Riddle
Smith Brown / Tecumseh Brown
Phebe Brown / J. G. Ainsworth
Eliza Waters / Wm. Holloway
Mary Waters
Robert Waters
Squire Waters
William James / J. G. Ainsworth
Felix James
Alex Sexton / Calvin Pusley
Leytha Sexton / Tecumseh Brown
Isaac Brown
Annie Brown
Easther Folsom / Peter Folsom
Richard Brashers / Macy Brown
Daisey Brashers(Chickasaw) /Peter Folsom
Nathan Graves (Chickasaw)/ Macy Brown
Manda Mackey
Moses Brown / Ellen Brown
Ellen Brown / Edmond Spring
Ada McKinney
Louis McKinney
Sallie Brown
Jerry Brown
Smith Brown
James Cole / William Harris
Caesar Boyd (Chickasaw)/William Harris
Sophia Boyd (Chickasaw)/Dr. James Boyd
Mobile Boyd (Chickasaw) /Dr. James Boyd
Emma Boyd / Alfred Daniels
Isam Boyd
Mannia Boyd
Rosa Boyd
Mahal Boyd
Hattie Boyd
Bettie Anderson / John Anderson
Malinda Brown / Jolin Anderson
Sqauire Hall / Walker Folsom
Wash. Brown (Chickasaw)/Tecumseh Brown
Rosa Wilson / Mrs. Blackburn
Jacob Lewis (Chickasaw)/ Sidney Burris
Jennie Lewis (Chickasaw)/ Cannon Brown
Simeon Lewis
Isaac Lewis
Sallie Lewis
Adam Lewis
Willie Lewis
Silas Lewis
Paralee Lewis
Lucinda Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
Mundy Brown (Chickasaw)/ Tecumseh Brown
Lucinda Brown(Chickasaw) / Tecumseh Brown
Miria Brown
William Moore / Aaron Harlan
Arlsey Moore / J.G. Ainsworth
Georgia Moore
Walton Moore
Simeon Moore
Mahaila Moore
Parlina Moore
Charles F. Bartlett / Tecumseh Brown**
Francis Bartlett (Chickasaw) / Jessie McKinney**
Lemuel Bartlett**(Chickasaw)
Annie Bartlett**
Louisiana Bartlet**
Robert Lewis
Nancyh Lewis
Cora Lewis
Andrew Pulcher(Chickasaw) / Isaac Burris
Luticia Pulcher(Chickasaw) / Tecumseh Brown
Jushua Pulcher
Levah Pulcher
Peter Cass
Dariah(?) Johnson
Mary Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Francis Johnson
Nip Lewis
Mary Lewis
Sallie Lewis
Chaney Lewis (Chickasaw) / Tecumseh Brown
Jeannie Lewis (Chickasaw)/ James Cheadle
Harriet James
Becca James
Simon James
Harriett James
Lewis James
Robert Wright (Chickasaw) / Tecumseh Brown
Lyla Wright / Tecumseh Brown
Jennie Riddle / Tecumseh Brown
George Shoat / Nicholas Hampton
Benjamin Brown / George Riddle
Wainney Brown / Cannon Brown
Robert Reid
Gincey Thompson
Jackson Campbell / Cannon Lewis
Lilly Campbell / Sophia Hughbanks
Amelia Walker / Isom Lewis
Harrison Brown / Sisom Brown
Lena Brown / Isaac Burris
Lizzie Brown
Phillip King / William King
Milly King / Tecumseh Brown
Sampson King
Jonas Brown (Chickasaw) / Tecumseh Brown
Mariah Brown / George Shoat
William Brown
Isom Boyd (Chickasaw) / James Boyd
Jane Boyd / Alfred Daniels
Si Boyd
Emma Boyd
Hettie Boyd
Emmanuel Boyd (Chickasaw) / James Boyd
Elmyra Boyd
George Boyd / Jack Johnston
Nelson Boyd
Sophia Boyd Henry McCoy / Sam Coffray
Milly McCoy
Emma Cutchlow (Chickasaw) / Susan Colbert
Sarah Patterson / Jessie McKinney
Walker Maybry
Jessie Carroll
Rachel Brown / Campbell LeFlore
Rufus Brown
William Brown
Dennis Shoat /Alfred Daniels
Julia Shoat /Alfred Daniels
Amos Shoat
Emmanuel Shoat
Edna Shoat
Charles Shoat
Lewis Cyrus
Jerry Cyrus / Dutch Pulcher
Francis Cyrus
Sallie Brown / Nicholas Hampton
John Brown
Rachel Brown
Smith Brown
Victor Brown / George Riddle
Nathan Colbert / James Shoat
Monroe Colbert (Chickasaw) / Tecumseh Brown
Link Colbert
Elias Brown / Daniel Shoat
Peggy Brown /Reilly Frazier
Lizzie Brown
Allen Brown
CHarles Brown
Laia Brown
Sophia Brown
Maria Brown / R.S. McCartey
Lettie Kingsbury / Dutch Pulcher
Cora Kingsbury / Wm. Pitchlynn
Benjamin Kingsbury / Douglas Riddle
Lyda Kingsbury /George Johnson
Lydda Shoat / George Johnson
Jacob Shoat
Ellick Shoat
Scia Shoat / Martha Shoat
Minerva Shoat
Gincy Folsom
Lena McKinney
Robert Stewart / Swimmey (?) McKinney
Charles Brown / Daniel Davis
Elza Brown
Annie Folsom
James Folsom
Jessie Lewis/ R.S. McCartey
Patrice Lewis
Calvin Lewis / R.S. McCartey
Osborn Lewis
Rosa Lewis
Susan Lewis
Martha Lewis /Nicholas Hampton
Minerva Lewis
Joshua Lewis
Benjamin Lewis
Charles Wesley
Sylva Wesley
Elisha Brown / Zedoc Harrison
Jennie Brown
Nicholas Brown(Chickasaw)/ Cannon Brown
Arian Brown / Zedoc Harrison
Emmeline Brown
Francis Brwon
Jincy Brown
Rhoda Brown
Primus Brown
Collins Brown
David Gardiner
Squire Riddle / R.M. Jones
Toney Riddle
Harriett J. Johsnon / William Johnson
Mary J. Johnson
Isaac B. Johnson
John L. Johnson
Goerge L. Johnson
Edna Wiliams / D.C. Fisher
Joseph Grayson /Katie Grayson
Lem Folsom / Willis Harkins
*** Sallie Thompson /Joseph Riddle
*** Patsy Brown /Andrew McKinney
Birdlove McKinney
Lilly Parker
Moses Partker
William Stewart / Susan Colbert
Wesley McKinney /Thompson McKinney
Eliza Owens /Walker Folsom
Edward Lewis / Daniel Davis
Isaac Rogers /Richard Brown(?)
Rachel Rogers / Edward Krebbs(?)
Sallie Rogers
Lewis Rogers
James Waters /Green Waters
Robert Duncan (Chickasaw) /Julia Coffey
Moses Highbanks / James McLane
Richard Hughbanks
Lew Hughbanks
Rebecca Hughbanks
Emma Hughbanks

End of 1st District
*(Nancy Mayers was sold by Alfred Daniels to Henry Mayers, a citizen of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and taken from the Choctaw Nation before Freedom)

**Charles Bartlett, and wife and children were sold by Alfred Daniels to Harmon Mickel who was not a citizen of the Choctaw Nation at that time when this family was sold.

***Lem and Sallie Folsom form owner Willis Harkins sold them to a citizne of Mississippi. Not back in I.T. till 1870.)

2nd District Apukshunnubbee District

Jordon Folsom / Henry Folsom
Permelia Folsom
Jordon Folsom Jr.
Lavenia Folsom
Mary Folsom
Zilphie Folsom
Zinthe Folsom / Mackle LeFlore
Edward Freemont
Newton Freemont
Willy Freemont
George Freemont
Levate Freemont
Norf Hill / Sampson Folsom
Rhoda Hill / Henry Folsom
Reatha Ann Duncan
Eda Webster / H.N. Folsom
Mennal Webster
Lewis Webster
Peggy Granderson / H.N. Folsom
Levi Freemont
Julius Williams
John Williams / Louis Leflore
Johnson Folsom / Henry Folsom
Henry Crittenden / Robert Jones
Tena Crittendon / David Harkin
Charlotte Hunter / Henry Folsom
Louisa Hollman
Wellington Hollman
Harry Holman
C. Hollman
L. Hollman
Henry Willis / r/b/ Willis
Delila Willis / h.n. Folsom
Calvin Willis
Joseph Willis
Emma Willis
Johyn Willis
Henry Colbert (Chickasaw)/ Edward Colbert
Charlotte Colbert / H. N. Folsom
Nancy Colbert
Margaret Colbert
Mitchell Willis / Alfred Hill
Esebella Willis / Sampson Folsom
Nancy Willis
Robert Johnson / Sampson Folsom
Delilah Johnson / Henry Folsom
Vaughn Bird / Zedoc Harrison
Victoria Bird / Henry Folsom
Albert Bird
Martha Bird
Pink Thompson / H.N. Folsom
Lucy Thompson (Chickasaw) / Hours
Emma Thompson
Eda Thompson
Walter Thompson
Jackson Thompson
Menda Thompson (Chickasaw) / Hours
Minda Thompson
Mary Harrison / Zedoc Harrison
Jlhn Briley
Molly Ann Robinson
Clarise Dockins / Albert Harken
Johnson Harris
Thos. Folsom
Caroline Wathom / Josephine LeFlore
Betty Wathom
William Wathom
Dick Wathom
Henry Wathom
Elizabeth Wathom
Wright Thompson / Barnett Davenport
Zilphie Thompson / Hours
John Thompson
Mary Thompson
Richmond Thompson
July Thompson
Haas(?) Thompson
Maria Fullbride / Turnbull
Wiley Fullbride
Sym Fullhide
Cora Ann Shield
Arthur Harris
Andrew Johnson / Sampson Folsom
Polly Johnson / Sampson Folsom
Willington Johnson
James Johnson
Cissie Johnson
Mitchell Johnson
Henry Shield / Zedoc Harrison
Tennessee Shield / Zedoc Harrison
Arthur Shield
Benjamin Shield
Mary Jane Shield
Eliza Ratford
Elice Ratford
Catherine Ratford
Emily Ratford
California Byrd
Permelia Byrd
Alford Gross *
Mary Gross / Henry Folsom
Susan Gross
Lilly Gross
Sarah Gross
Aaron Gross
Moses Thompson
Susan Thompson
Menerva Thompson
Johnny Thompson
Freeman Thompson
Rose Thompson
Mary Thompson

* Married a Choctaw Freedwoman

1885 Choctaw Census (By Blood)

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