Agency Cemetery Burials

Thanks to the efforts of members of the Oklahoma Cemetery Preservation Association, spearheaded by Sue Tolbert, this cemetery has the possibility of being restored to that of an honorable burial ground.  The spring of 2005 saw the initial efforts made by many people to restore the grounds.  A meeting with Ms. Tolbert after the initial cleanup, provided opportunity to photograph some of the headstones in the cemetery.  As further cleanup efforts will be made, more of the stones will be accessible and photographed.  

This is a partial list of the many burials in this important cemetery. Photos taken by Tonia Holleman and Angela Walton-Raji, and were uploaded to Find A Grave by Ronald Walton. 

(Special thanks to Sue Tolbert who took Ms. Holleman and Ms. Walton-Raji to the site after the initial clean up. More information, about her efforts to save Agency and other cemeteries can be found at:



(Click on names and scroll down page to see headstone. If image is too small click on image of headstone for closer view.)

Nancy V. Anderson

Will Andy

Jenetta Brown

Simon Brown

Joseph Caesar

Robert Caesar

Pvt. James Carr

Joseph P. Davison

Jeanneatta Fourd

Rev. Jessie Franklin

Silla Franklin

Sallie Franklin

Serena Green

Amelia Harrison

Leona Harrison

Robert Hawkins

Harry Island

Lydia Island

Annie Rose Jackson

Jim Jackson

Lucy Johnson

Gordon Jones

Frank Lewis Kernell

Pvt. Joe Lewis

Mattie Anita Matthews

Patsy McIntosh

Will McIntosh

Infant Child Morgan

Matilda Newman

Pinky Newman

Sally Harrod Perryman

Lacarmuel Reed

Mary Rentie

Nellie Rentie

Mary Renty

Ned Robbins

A Robies

Harry Sango

Louisa Sango

Morris J. Sango

Tom Sango

Pearl Smith

Silas Smith

Peter Stidham

Fannie Stidhom

Pody Stros

Sugar T. George

Arthur Thomas

Jimmie Thomas

Mary Williams

Jessie Wilson

Agnes Woodward