Athens Sandy Cemetery

(A Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen Burial Ground)

Ada, Oklahoma

Documented by Susie Moore of Oklahoma City, OK and Vernitta Guiterriez of Ada, Oklahoma.


Athens Cemetery, sometimes referred to as Sandy Cemetery is located in Pontotoc County, in central Oklahoma. It is located in an area that was once the Choctaw Nation.  Susie Moore of Oklahoma City, and Vernitta Guiterriez,  of Ada Oklahoma both are Choctaw Freedman descendants who documented this extensive cemetery.  The headstones and images of the stones are being preserved on this site, as part of the Choctaw Chickasaw Freedmen Project.  They are uploaded onto the Find A Grave site by Ronald Walton.


Byrd H. Adkins

Olivet Adkins

Ella Albert

John Albert

Rayfus Albert Sr.

Ada Alford

Eddie Lee Alford

Fannie Alford

Viola Allen

Ruby Allen

D.C. Anderson

Elmer Anderson

Floyd Anderson

Lizzie Anderson

John Wesley Austin

Nellie Barnett

Andy Black Jr.

Andy Black Sr.

Calvin Black

Cleo John Black

Edward Black

Estella Black

Joseph Black

Pvt. Liffley Black Sr.

Pvt. Liffley Black Jr. 

PFC Paul Allen Black

Sarah Bruner Black

Walter Black

Willie Black

Wilma J. Black

Gladys Blue

Harold Blue

Harwell Walker Blue

Lonnie Blue

Minnie Blue

Ola B. Blue

Sam Blue

Pearl Alice Blythe

William Blythe

Mary Bomar

Elnora Booker

Herbert Booker

Lloyd Booker, Jr. 

Edwin Brewer

Donald Lee Briggs

Augustus Brown

Effie Brown

James T. Brown

Judy Ann Brown

Sophia Brown

Tony Brown

Mable Bullard    

Willie Faye Bullard

Bruce Wayne Carrethers

Donna R. Carrethers

Tamla E. Carrethers

Pvt. Theodore Carrethers

PFC Gabe Chaney

Aaron Clark

Alex Clark

Author Clark

Bertha Clark

Cephus J. Clark

Charlie Miller Clark

Chester Clark

Dallas Clark

David MacSwain Clark

Douglas Clark

Elnora Clark

Emory G. Clark

Ermest Fred Clark

Florena Clark

Floyd Clark

PFC Freddie L. Clark

Gabe Clark

Georgia Clark

Georgia Marie Clark

Griffith A. Clark

Harry T. Clark

Jack Clark Sr.

Jack T. Clark

Jessie Clark

Leon Clark

Lifley Clark

Pvt. Milton Clark

Monroe Clark

Nelson Clark

Parlee Clark

Patsy Clark

Rebecca Clark

Sylinia Mae Clark

Victoria Clark

Zilphia Clark

Bertha Lee Cohee

Bessie Colbert

Edith Colbert

Julia Colbert

Manuel Colbert Sr.

R.C. Colbert

Terry Lydia Alexander Cox

Jack Crelewell

Lucille Dallas

Marcel V. Dallas

Namon Daniels

Oshiel Daniels

Cora Lee Darcus

Alice Downs

Mary Downs

André Dunford

Barbara Anne Fair

Eugene Edward Fair Sr.

Jannie Fair

Willie L. Fair

PFC Willie Lee Fair Jr.

Carolina Faster

Elijah Faster

James M. Faster

Samuel Faster

Sylvia Faster

Fecans (Unknown)

Ethel Fisher

Alonzo Franklin

Pvt. Arnold Franklin

Azzie Lee Franklin

Bettie Franklin

Curtis Franklin

PFC George W. Franklin

Mary Franklin

Peter Franklin

Sallie Franklin

Augusta Frazier

Carl Frazier Sr.

Ethel  Frazier

Frank Frazier

Albert Wayne Frazier

Augusta Frazier

Carl Frazier

Chub Frazier

Ethel L. Frazier

Frank Frazier

Herman Frazier

Ida Blue Frazier

Infant Daughter Frazier

Luella  Frazier

Marvin S. Frazier

Mormon Frazier

Orice Lee Frazier

Susan Ann Frazier

Hazel M. Gale

Lettie Gilliam

Lillie Brown Gary

Lettie Gilliam

Lizzie Gordon

Barbara Ann Gray

James Grayson

Bennie Greenlow

Esther Black Hamilton

PFC Cecil Ray Harlan

Ethel Harlan

Helen Harp

Melvin Harp

Cleo Harper

Crawford Harper

Dovie L. Harper

Isreal Turk Harper

Melissa A. Harper

Alvern Harris

Cleveland J. Harris

Sarah Alice Black Hewitt

Amanda Hightower

Bertha Hightower

Buster Hightower

Dock Hightower

Doris Hightower

Earnestine Hightower

Evelyn Hightower

Henrietta Hightower

Jim Hightower

Leonard Lee Hightower

Mary Hightower

Robert Hightower

Thurman Hightower

PFC Ural W. Hightower

Dennis Ray James

Pvt. Joseph Fritz James

Tilmon Jimison Sr.

Odessa C. Johnson

Willie Lee Johnson

L.C. Jones

Margaret Jones

Ida Kemp

Irene Kemp

Bertha M. King

Eva Mae King

William M. King

PFC William Murray King

Pvt. Eddie L. Lewis Sr.

John O. Lewis

Carl Long

Cassie Long

Emma Long

Guy Long

Med Long

Ola Long

Pearl Long

Vicki Rachelle Longley

Johnson Luckey

Jessie Luckey

Leola Freelen Lynch

Luella Mayo

Edna Rupert McClarty

Henry McClarty

John H. McClarty

Matthew H. McClarty

Prince McClarty

Thedric McClarty

Bertha McCoy

Lessie B. McKinney

Morene McKinney

John Miller

Mrytle L. Miller

Tom Melvin Mitch

Emma Jewell Mitchell

Henretta Mitchell

Tom Allen Mitchell

Jasper Lee Moses

Lee Etta Mundine

Beatrice Murdock

Bert T. Murphy

Claude Murrell

Levy Nero

PFC Oliver David Nero

Rosetta Newton

Lee Noels

Pinkie Nolen

Lee Parks

Raymond L.P. Parks

Woodrow Payton

Cpl Dillard Perry

Tennessee Perry

Jessie Peters

Leo Peters

Robert Earl Phillips

Drusilla Hightower Ponds

Jessie M. Russell

Luther Russell

Mickel Ray  Russell Sr.

Sgt. Robert Earl Sampson

Dixie Scott

PFC Cecil H. Seals

PFC Igustas Seals

Isabella Seals

Kernel Seals

Virgil Seals

Cora Sharp

Delois Shaw

Ethel Lee Smith

Myrtle C. Smith

William E. Smithers

James Arthur Stephney

Lela Taylor

Pvt. Sammie Taylor

Maggie McNeal Thurston

Tom Thurston

Emma Tillis

Bertha Walker

Douglass Walker

Henry Walker

Mattie Walker

Viola Walker

Nealie Wallace

Isaac Ward

Mary M. Ward

Letha Ware

Arlilion Watson

John Hester Watson

Lavata G. Watson

Laverne Watson

PFC Leroy Watson

Sgt. Michael D. Watson

Odie Watson

Odie Lee Watson Jr.

Ophelie Watson

Sharelle LeAnn  Watson

Tommy Don Watson

Willie D. Watson

Barbara Ann Watts

Ennie L. Watts

Virgil Weekly

Nora White  

Ola Mae White

Mildred Higgins Wilks

Cameron D. Williams

John H. Wright

Robert Yocubby

Susie Yocubby

Sicily Young