Ft. Coffee Cemetery - Choctaw Freedmen

Ft. Coffee, Oklahoma

Documented by Tonia Holleman, and Angela Y. Walton-Raji


Located in the eastern Oklahoma Community of Ft. Coffee, this cemetery is a primarily African American community, a majority of whom have ties to Choctaw Freedmen Ancestors and to Choctaw ancestors from the days of Indian Territory. Many of the oldest burials in this cemetery are of Freedmen with documented ties to Indian Territory and the Choctaw Indians. This burial site holds graves of leaders from the Freedmen community, their families and leaders who struggled from the days after freedom in 1866, till the days of Oklahoma statehood in 1907 when they finally gained American citizenship.  Some of the elders buried in this burial ground arrived in the 1830s during the removal, and others were born on Choctaw Nation soil, toiled on Choctaw land without pay, till the treaty of 1866 gave them freedom and a sense of hope for their survival.

This is community like others in the Choctaw Nation, (Stonewall, Ada, Oak Lodge, Skullyville and others) where the slave rebellion of the 1860s, gave birth to the determined spirit of the Choctaw Freedman leaders, such as Squire Hall, Bynum Colbert, Watson Brown and so many more.   The burials are listed here in the honor of the Choctaw Freedmen and this is an effort to begin to record their history.

Pearlie Ann Anderson

Grizzell Barker

Katherine Barker

Simon Barker

Mother Berneder

Ruby Billips

Beatrice Bledsoe

Louisa Bledsoe

Bobby Joe Blocker

Henry Blocker

Verlon Eugene Blocker

Archie Ray Bluford

George Lee Bluford

Johnson Bluford

Nathaniel Bluford

Opaline Bostic

Tony Bradley

Alberta Brewer

Aubrey Brewer

Daniel Brewer

Ella Mae Brewer

Eugene M. Brewer

Frances Elizabeth Brewer

Perthie Brewer

Wayne Levon Brewer

Alonzo B. Brown

Elsie Brown

Rachel Brown

Felicia Gail Bunch "Lisa Girl"

Joe Nathion Bunch

Laguria Bunch

Margaret Price Burris

Pearl Burris Sr.

Henry Caldwell

Annie Mae Campbell

Beatrice Shoate Campbell

Pete Campbell

Vallard Campbell Jr.

E. W. Carethers

James Henry Carethers

Mabel Carethers

Mary Jane Carethers

Robinson Carethers

Synollia Carethers

Freddie Earl Chambers

Isaac Chambers

Lillie J. Chambers

Wm. Chambers

Earl Shoats Choate

Flourice Choate

Anella Clayton

Annie Rachel Brown Clayton

Haskell Clayton

James W. Clayton

LaJetta James Clayton

Sarah L. Foreman Clayton

Virgie Coulters

Anna Craig

Jason Crutchfield

Rufus Crutchfield

Vell? Crutchfield

Edward Lee Delt

Ella Delt

Hobart Delt

Roy Delt

Roy Edward Delt

John Roman Dugan 

Myrtle Eubanks

Shebniaha Eubanks

George W. Evans

Willie Earl Evans

Eliza Ewing

Phillip Fields

Mecca Gardener

Alberta Gilbert

Will Graves

Beulah Mae Green

Johnny Wayne Guidry

Kevin Guidry Jr.

Sgt. Preston Guidry

Preston C. Guidry

Pvt. McKinley Hall

Thomas Hayes

Dovie Shephard Haywood

Freddie Holmes

Brozola Johnson

Harvey Johnson

Ina Johnson

Joe T. Johnson

Richard  "J.D."Johnson

Versa Mae Johnson

Ardene Jones

Eugene Jones

Jeremiah Jones

Mary Jones

Carlton Lee Jordan Sr.

Inez Bluford Jordan

Robert Lee

William Thomas Lewis

Ladean Lyons

Ladean Chambers Lyons


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