Ross Cemetery

This cemetery was established as a burial ground over 100 years ago.  The land was provided the Cherokee leader Stick Ross, who was also a Cherokee Freedman and a large number of those buried in this gravesite are Freedmen from Cherokee Nation. The cemetery is located on Bliss Avenue in Tahlequah directly across from W.W. Hastings Hospital.


Jeff Alberty

Payton Banks

Carrie Butler

Joanna S. Byers

Susie Byrd

Alph Carter

Annie Fields

John Fields

Maggie Fields

Nellie Fields

Lucy Hill

Bettye C. Johnson

Louise Johnson

Nobel Johnson

Ross Johnson

Julius Jones Jr.

Lena Jones

George Keys Jr.

Isaiah Eugene Keys Sr.

Semm Lang (Mrs. Semmil Langs)

Beatrice Lawson

Mary Madden

Ike Matthews

Kate Maxey

Lucien Maxey

Shelton Maxey

Jacqueline Ann Keys Mayberry

Ethel Miegs

Christopher Rolo Miller

Ananise Ridgeway

Hedron Riggs

Gabe Rogers

Malinda Rogers

Preston Rogers

Pvt. Robert C. Rogers

Alice Ross

Clara Ross

Pvt. Edward Ross

Ellis Ross

Harriett Ross

Irvin W. Ross

Manda Ross

Pvt. Motto Ross

Rachael Ross

Sarah Sanders

Simon Sanders

Slibe Smith

Castella Starr

Delmar Starr

Lillie Marie Starr

Clova Swepston

Jane Swepston

Perry Swepston

Lillie Thompson

Florence Tucker

Joe Upchurch

Annie Vann

Avery Vann

Bertha Vann

Chorley Vann

Etta Vann

Joseph Vann

Maud Vann

Baby Girl Vela

Adeline Walker

Albert Walker

Clarence Wilson Sr.

Mamie C. Wood



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Ross Cemetery