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Wumphelt, Milton
Vance, Dallis
Veasy, Jacob
Wade, Abraham
Wakefield William H.T.
Walker, Joseph
Wallace, George
Wallace, Philip
Wallis, Philip
Ward, Charles
Ware, Abram
Washburn, James
Washington, George
Washington, George
Washington, George
Washington, George
Washington, James
Waters, Sheppard
Watson, Jackson
Weathers, Anthony
Weathers, Richard
Weaver, Henry F.
Weaver, Isaac
Weaver, John
Weaver, Theodore C.
Webb, Abner
Webb, George
Weeks, Britton
Wells, John
Wells, Wm.
Werrthers, Richard
Wess, Robert
West, Anderson
West, John
West, Nelson
West, Washington
West, Wesley
West. William
Westley, Enoch
Weston, David
Wethers, Ricahrd
Wheathers, Richard
Wheeler, Stephen
White, Edmund
White, Frank
White, Jackson
Whittle, Henry
Wilburn, Lewis
Williams, Allen
Williams, Harrison
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Isaac
Williams, James
Williams, Jerry
Williams, Mathew
Williamson, Andrew
Williamson, Charles
Williamson, David
Williamson, George
Williamson, Harvey
Williamson, Israel
Williamson, Jackson
Williamson, Joseph
Williamson, Lewis
Williamson, Madison
Williamson, Phinon
Williamson, Stephen
Williamson, Wood
Willis, William
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Calvin
Wilson, Irvin
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Larkin
Wilson, Levi
Wilson, Luke
Wilson, Peter
Wilson, Shady
Wilson, Simon
Winfield, Robert
Winston, Boston
Withers, Mracus
Witehrs, Ricahrd
Wood, MIles
Wyatt Gratt
Yager, Peter G.
Youngblood, Hase
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