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1860 Slave Owners of Ft. Smith Vicinity----Sebastian County Slave Schedule
(Source: United States Federal Census. Slave Schedule-Sebastian County Arkansas 1860. National Archives Publication M653 Microfilm Reel 54)

Data is listed in the following order:

Name of Slave Owner/Total # of Slaves/
Gender of Each Slave/Age of Slave/Color

(Unfortunately for the African American genealogist, the names of slaves were not included in the Slave Schedules. However, this document can be useful in assisting the researcher in identifying the possible slave owners, which will take the researcher backwards in time, into the period of slavery. By learning the name of the slave owner, the researcher will be able to research tax records, wills, deeds, bills of sale and other documents pertaining to the identity of slaves. Many slaves changed their names after the Civil War ended, and they were freed. This list is placed on this page as a guide to possible surnames that may or may not be associated with their enslaved ancestors.)

This list is presented in the order in which they appear in the 1860 United States Federal census

Joel Denton/ 1 slave:
-----Female / 26/Mulatto

W.W. Denton/ 1 slave:

Thompson Bates/2 slaves/:
-----Male 27/Black
-----Female/17 Black

Anna Pinnion/ 1 slave:
-----Female/ 75/ Black

Jackson Patterson/ 2 slaves/ :
-----Male/ 22 / Mulatto
-----Female / 12 / Black

Isaiah Barnett / 2 slaves:
-----Female/ 18/ Mulatto
-----Female/ 14/ Mulatto

William Watson / 1 slave:
-----Female/ 20/ Black

Wilson Cass /1 slave:
-----Female/ 14/ Mulatto

James William Ousley/ 3 slaves:

William Pettis/ 8 slaves:
-----Male / 60/ Black
-----Male/ 21/ Black
-----Female / 21/ Black
-----Male/ 15 / Black
-----Female/ 10 /Black
-----Male / 6/ Black
-----Female/ 3 / Black
-----Female/ 3/ Black

William Waters / 3 slaves:
-----Female/ 40/ Black
-----Male / 10/ Black
-----Female / 25 / Black

James Riddlespurger / 17 slaves:
-----Male/ 48/ Black
-----Female / 45 / Black
-----Female/ 43/ Black
-----Male/ 38 / Black
-----Male / 27/ Black
-----Female/ 21/Mulatto
-----Female /19/ Black
-----Male/18/ Black
-----Male/ 18/ Black
-----Female/ 7/ Black
-----Female/ 5/ Black
-----Female/ 5/ Black
-----Male/ 4/ Black
-----Female/ 6/ Black
-----Female/ 3/ Black
-----Female / 7mo./ Black
-----Male/ 7 mo. /Black

Allen A. Kersh/ 15 slaves:
-----Male/ 55/ Black
-----Male/ 33 Black
-----Female/ 26/ Black
-----Female/ 24/ Black
-----Male/ 14 / Black
-----Male/ 12/ Black
-----Male/ 7/ Black
-----Female/ 7/ Black
-----Female/ 6/ Black
-----Female/ 6/Black
-----Female/ 4/ Black
-----Female/ 4/ Black
-----Female/ 3/ Black
-----Female/ 6mo./Black
-----Female/ 7mo./Black

William Parks / 3 slaves:
-----Female/ 30/ Black
-----Male/ 18/ Black
----- Female / 11/ Black

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